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21 July 2016

We offer accurate market analyses - cyclical and ad'hoc for strategic and operational purposes including:


  • Analyses of competition and market environment
  • Analyses of business model: as is and to be
  • Identification and implementation of initiatives to support the achievement of strategic and operational objectives
  • Market analyses to support business decisions



We specialize in the analyses of all market segments of electricity, gas and related products markets. We realize analyses of:


  • Wholesale and retail markets
  • Correlations and co-integrations of products
  • Impact of directives, laws, rules and regulations on the shape of markets, products and market participants' behavior
  • Arbitrage opportunities in the electricity and gas markets including PL / DE / CZ profiles and speculations among daily and futures markets - including the creation of dedicated models and utility applications
  • Cost-effectiveness of trading various products on different market exchanges
  • Impact of wind generation on price levels
  • The effects of temperature on the levels of electricity and gas demand and SPOT market prices
  • Actual and future Merit Order levels
  • The impact of the demand and supply balance on the prices of property rights resulting from certificates of origin
  • The fundamental top down and bottom up analyses of electricity, gas and related products prices
  • Technical analyses of trends and price levels
  • Stress-tests and sensitivity analyses


We conduct dedicated ad hoc analyses

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