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21 July 2016

We support our customers in predicting future short - medium and -longterm market trends of:​


  • Electricity
  • CO2 emission allowances
  • Gas
  • Oil
  • Coa
  • Property Rights



We offer the forecasts based on the fundamental, econometric and stochastic models. We use dedicated algorithms to carry out predictions in term of hours to several decades. Our models are cyclically parameterized and evaluated, which guarantees high quality of obtained results. We offer forecasts:​


  • Prices of components affecting the level of electricity and gas  prices
  • Prices of electricity and gas in the horizon for future decades based on fundamental analyses
  • Trends and price levels of electricity and gas futures  and daily markets
  • Competitive  Market Price
  • PSCMI indicators
  • Generation from wind sources, based on stochastic models and complex meteorological data
  • Spreads



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email: biuro@ipa-instytut.pl

phone. +48 660 259 519

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