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21 July 2016

We assist our customers in developing and implementing effective solutions, actions and behaviors related in particular to their participation in the electricity and gas markets:


  • We optimize and search for interorganizational synergies

  • We develop and implement pro-effective procedures

  • We help to choose the optimal supplier of electricity and gas

  • We conduct switching of electricity and gas suppliers

  • We use interdisciplinarity at the interface between science and business

  • We support management of complex projects (PMI, PRINCE2)

  • We help to obtain public funding for the implementation of energy projects

  • We assist in the implementation of IT solutions including customized applications to support operating in the electricity and gas markets



We offer our experience gained during projects realization  both as a team members, as well as from the perspective of Project Manager


Contact us

email: biuro@ipa-instytut.pl

phone. +48 660 259 519

phone. +48 798 961 047