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21 July 2016

We provide our customers with the latest market data in the form of dedicated reports tailored to customers needs, both to managerial purposes and to support operational activity on the wholesale markets:​


  • Electicity
  • CO2 emission allowances
  • Gas
  • Oil
  • Coal
  • Property Rights



 We realize reports on:


  • Prices of the products on daily and futures markets in Poland and abroad
  • Statistics, indicators and indexes reflecting depencencies between various products and various markets
  • Products’ liquidity
  • Levels of generation by types of sources including network congestions, power plant reductions  and REMIT data
  • Available transmission capacity and data on cross-border exchanges
  • Gas storage levels
  • Prices of components affecting the level of electricity and gas prices
  • Spreads



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email: biuro@ipa-instytut.pl

phone. +48 660 259 519

phone. +48 798 961 047